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Psychiatric Rehabilitation


Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is an accreditation-based licensed program that provides community-based comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery services and supports and promotes successful community integration and use of community resources.  Transform A Nation’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program assist adults, adolescents, and children in the overall development of their mental health.  Our highly trained staff of licensed clinicians and professional rehabilitation coordinators are committed to providing the highest quality of psychiatric rehabilitation services. Services are provided and developed for each individual and are provided via telehealth, in the home or in places in the community that assist the client with skill development and achieving expected outcomes.  All individual and group activities are tailored towards the client’s age, abilities, and interests. TAN is available to assist in advocating needs in education, mental health linkages, and family/community relationships. 


Some of the challenges we provide support in are:

  •  Establishing/maintaining peer relationships

  •  Budgeting/Financial problems

  •  Decreasing verbally aggressive and/or threatening behaviors

  •  Developing healthy relationships

  •  Parenting skills

  •  Vocational skills

  •  Obtaining entitlements

  •  Nutrition and dietary planning

  •  Social skills and more….

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