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PAUSE and reclaim yourself…body…mind…and spirit!

Women are leading the way and breaking barriers in all industries across this nation and around the globe. Yet, too often, women emerge as heroines, when in fact, sometimes they too need help and support.


PAUSE, is an event series created for women who are heroic leaders who also need to save themselves in the midst of saving others. It's mission is to assist women to overcome the busyness of life, emotional trauma, stress, and learning self-care. These series are dedicated to the revitalization of bringing together women of diverse backgrounds and creating a safe space for women to recharge, replenish, and refocus. Whether you are an executive, public official, entrepreneur, community leader, stay-at-home mom, student, or aspiring girl boss, PAUSE was designed just for you.

PAUSE creates opportunities for women to foster and embrace self-care.  While it includes special events such as an annual retreat, seminars and wellness workshops, participants can also expect ongoing communication relevant to women's advocacy and empowerment. 


Through personal reflection, Tammy Braswell, event founder, knows all too well that serving as a leader in both her professional and faith-based arenas does not come without challenges.  Having experienced the loss of three loved-ones in the span of one year, while also supporting her mother through a stage 3b cervical cancer diagnosis, Tammy can identify with women who are serving others, while feeling the pain and brokenness of life circumstances. Living through these life altering situations, Tammy acknowledges that she too, needed to PAUSE and would not have survived without some help.


“I want women everywhere to learn to simply press PAUSE and know that it is ok to practice self-care.” —Tammy Braswell

PAUSE Founder

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